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6 miler complete !

I’ve been having a lot of oats in a mug this past week, like this guy: oats, banana, and pecans !


I had some friends come into town from Boston on Thursday, and my Thursday run did not happen 😦 I am not very good at standing up for my me-time (yet ?). Anyhow, Friday was ‘rest’, and we got snow ! I was very excited to see it again, after fearing that VA was never going to provide me with white winters πŸ˜‰ It was also an opportunity for me to try out some new running gear. Everything is now flashy colors. Blue shoes, bright green shorts, orange long sleeve… Only my leggings are semi-low profile πŸ˜€

So, this morning I got back onto the training plan, with some oats in a jar and a glass of milk:Image

Then, after taking some much needed time to digest πŸ˜‰ I headed out for my 6 miles ! There was still snow on the ground, so it was a little tricky, but after the first mile or so, I got used to it and fell into a good rhythm:

6 miles in 57’51”

I saw a good number of people on the trail, almost all of them walking their dogs ! I went further than I had been before, and instead of circling the dog park, went ‘straight’ for 6 miles, along a little creek/canal.

I came back to an awesome iced green tea πŸ™‚ and am off for some rock climbing !


Wednesday Whole Living

I woke up by myself at 6am this morning (score !), and had enough time before leaving for work to make myself some oats with cocoa powder and ground chia seed. Need to remember to add some fake sugar, the cocoa powder could have used some πŸ˜‰ I still enjoyed the oats, and an article from ‘Jogging’ magazine (French edition πŸ˜‰ )

After this great start to the day, I was energized and productive at work, which felt great.

After work, I decided living out of my freezer was not a long term solution, and went to Whole Foods to diversify my meals:


To be fair, a bought a good number of frozen items, and also froze some beef, and tuna steak. But I’d still count this trip as a healthy win. (Avoided the crepes, avoided the brioche, didn’t buy more peanut butter, didn’t buy more baking supplies πŸ˜‰ ) Note the ‘petite’ brussel sprouts. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to those, but they were ‘petite’ so I decided to give them a shot.

Speaking of baking, I’m actually looking forward to making some dog-treats for Echo ! I have German Shepherd shaped cookie cutters, which I am dying to use. I get to bake and use cookie cutters, she gets treats. Should be a win-win.

My run this evening was good. It was ‘only’ 28F, which still felt pretty cold at the start, but got better quickly, as I went through the 2 miles went on today’s agenda.

Β 2 miles in 18 minutes !

Tomorrow’s back to 3 miles before the rest day, and Saturday’s 6 miler !

I’m already researching waist-attaching leash systems to run with Echo. If there are any runners-with-dogs out there, let me know what you’re using !

5 mile run complete !

Saturdays are long runs in my training schedule. This morning I woke up at 7am, without my alarm, which was a nice surprise.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, crisp (40’s) and sunny.

Here is how my run went:


Overall, I felt pretty good. I had layered up and the temperature was ideal, a nice breeze was blowing, and a good number of people were out with dogs ! Shamefully, somewhere around half, I had to stop by restrooms in a dog park and take care of business. Lesson learned: do no eat peanut butter 20 minutes before going on a long run.

Coming back, I decided to try out a green smoothie to use up some leftover spinach in my fridge. I mixed in some milk, frozen strawberries and bananas (thanks Dole) and a fair amount of spinach leaves. If anything, here was another occasion to rekindle my love for my blender (all hail Blendtec), which I had almost forgotten about after the summer ended. Here is how things looked like before:


And after:


Nice and green, but tasting more like strawberries and bananas than spinach at all (Phew…). I had seen several other bloggers reference green smoothies, but was still a little doubtful about how spinach’y they would taste.. I would make it again. Tasty and refreshing !

Have a great weekend !

Thumpin’ Thursday !

After 3 days of missing out, I went back to running, and it felt FANTASTIC.

A ‘snowstorm’ was supposed to hit the south of DC around noon, but I have yet to see a snow flake. Straight after work, I set out to buy a new pair of running shoes that were properly fitted, taking advice from someone who knew what they were doing.

The person who helped me out runs… 50K’s. That’s right, 50 kilometers. Man, I felt even more like a newbie in comparison. He analyzed my walk and run, and told me I tended to overpronate, which is common. He recommended shoes with a lot of support. After trying a few out in that category, I chose these guys:ImageMizunos Wave Inspire 9. And yes, they’re that blue. There’s a standing joke that I will favor anything blue, making color a deciding factor. My rainjacket is blue, my fleece at home is blue, my car is blue, you name it. For the record, I would like to state that I did not pick these shoes based on color… They were the pair I felt most comfortable in, and the store only had them in one color scheme.

I also found out that I have been wearing running shoes that are way too tight. These turned out to be a 10.5. I usually wear a 9 for regular shoes, and did not see this coming. Let’s agree I have big feet.

Here is how my run went with those brand new shoes:

ImageNot bad ! It really did feel good to be back out running, and the shoes were very comfortable. Definitely more support than my old shoes. My right foot still felt sore, and I’m going to keep RICE’ing it as much as possible.

And finally, I came home to my wonderful ‘Venti’ green tea:


I used to absolutely hate tea. Then I started hydrating, a LOT, and realized I’d rather drink something with a taste, than just water. Now, I can hardly go a day without missing it ! Plus, that much green tea a day should help with metabolism. Or so they say…

I’m pumped to be back on schedule ! Tomorrow is a rest day, and Saturday is a 5 miler.

Bring it !

Getting back up

On Saturday I completed my 4 mile run, and thought nothing of the slight pain I was experiencing on the outer edge of my right foot. On Sunday, I ran 2 miles on that sore foot. And Monday… Monday I was limping around the office. It seems I must have strained/pulled something on Saturday, and made it worse Sunday.

This is extremely frustrating so early on into my training plan, but I think the best thing to do is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). This week was a series of 2 milers. Yesterday I skipped my cross-training, the elliptical or bike being just as painful as running. Today, no significant improvement yet, so I am also foregoing any running. I hope to be back on track this weekend, and be able to catch up on the training plan.

Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up.

I was bummed yesterday about this setback, but I’m back to blogging, and I hope to be back to training soon. I will be looking into getting new running shoes, maybe with a better fit after an assessment, to avoid further injuries.

Does anyone have recommendations on where to get fitted for running shoes ?

Satisfying Saturday !


Buying jars of chocolate-flavored spreads just got a tad more dangerous : I started out the day with my first fo’ real OATS IN A JAR ! They did not disappoint πŸ™‚


I then set out on my 4 mile run, which took me to the nearby dog park and back. I used both i-pod and Garmin Fenix to track the run, and I clearly have some calibration issues with at least one of the devices. I stuck to the longest time/distance to run. According to Apple, I ran 4 miles in 44′ 58″. According to Garmin, I ran 4.64 miles in the same time. Quoi ?


I came back to catch up on work, and mid-way through took a break to re-organize my freezer. In the process, I re-discovered this guy:


which turned out to be rather tasty, and most of all easy to make ! (Microwave forever).

Without so much ‘TV’ watching in the evenings, I’m expecting my wake-ups to be easier and earlier. Let’s see if that holds true tomorrow !

Meet Echo !

My new best friend, Echo.

Just before Thanksgiving 2012, driving back from CT to VA, my boyfriend planned a β€˜surprise’ stop, which I thought would be a place to get lunch. Major brownie points to the boyfriend for digging up a place to eat and setting up what was clearly going to be a lunch date…

After much driving through an area with very few restaurants, the surprise stop turned out to be a kennel. We had talked about getting a dog, in due time…

At the same time we were there, a gentleman brought in his GSD puppies for shots.

Try being in a tiny room full of adorably clumsy german shepherd puppies crawling all over you, and resisting the urge to take one home with you. Game over.

We brought Echo home and stepped into the deep end of the dog-ownership pool πŸ™‚

After some obedience training, I am looking forward to taking her on some great runs, and sharing some great times with my best girl.

She has yet to grow into those humongous earsΒ !!