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Dark Chocolate Dreams

Today marks Day #4 of the workout plan. 2 miles completed in 21’20”, getting ready for Saturday’s 4 miler.

Fail on actually cooking dinner. I ended up going to Whole Foods after work, picking out some grapes, greek yogurt, and Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter, all of which I had for ‘dinner’. I don’t even like peanut butter all that much. This is actually the second time I am buying a peanut butter product…. because it has chocolate in it, and end up disappointed that it doesn’t taste like Nutella. I ❤ Nutella. Emphasis added. I suspect I subconsciously hope that by buying peanut butter tasting chocolate, I will never end up eating the whole jar in one sitting, something I have done with Nutella before.

Self-control has always been a problem for me. These last few months, I have tried the don’t buy – don’t eat strategy, and it’s worked reasonably well. I also generally don’t store baking basics such as flour, butter, or sugar. I confess to making late night ‘pancakes’ in graduate school, just for the sake of eating something. Chocolate cravings are especially difficult to resist. Whenever I move somewhere, I always seem to find the perfect local bakery/supermarket that sells deliciously irresistible cookies/brownies/you-name-it, and find myself going there frequently to unwind after work. In college, one of the cafeterias had giant gooey chocolate cookies. In graduate school, a corner bakery had scrumptious brownies, and now Whole Foods sells chocolate filled crepes. So hard to ignore right in front of the check-out line.

Practice makes perfect. Going to practice keeping those cravings in check !