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Running and Hydrating ?

The training plan today only called for 2 miles (recovery run). I still had a friend staying over while visiting Georgetown, trying to decide where to go for an MBA program.

This morning, she and I said we’d run together. She exercises daily, mostly in the gym. I lent her some cold gear for running, and we set off for the run around 9:30am. The weather was gorgeous, crisp and sunny. I decided to give my camelbak lumbar hydration pack a try on this short run:


I got this pack last summer, when I thought I was going to start running more, but I really didn’t have a set goal, and accordingly did not end up running as much as I anticipated.

With the half-marathon looming, and the many different sources recommending constant hydration throughout for anything longer than 45 minutes, I figured I should transition to using this water pouch.

This version is technically for kayaking, although I didn’t think the intended use would be a problem. I believe the bladder with the little ‘bite me’ valve should be easier for me to hydrate than using a bottle. I have trouble drinking and walking, so I can’t really imagine drinking and running at the same time.

I started out with the pack on my hips, where it bounced awkwardly up and down. I hadn’t gone more than 1/4 mile, and I knew this was not a viable position. I made it through the first mile by holding it in place with my hands at my hips. Not really a long term solution.

At the half-way point, I hiked the pack up to my waist, and tightened it a lot more. That was better, less movement, but the feeling of the belt against my stomach was foreign, and not-so-comfortable. I also realized I would need to tuck in one of my long sleeve layers if I didn’t want the camelbak to make my shirt ride-up, and to scrape my back.

All in all a slightly painful run on my end. Nonetheless, it was fun to run with someone. I usually think of running as my solo time, so this was quite a change. We still made the 2 miles in 18 minutes !

An eating fest ensued, with brunch, lunch, cupcakes, and macarons (Macaron Bee in Georgetown just opened up).

I even prepped some meals (=cooked !) for this week with quinoa, tomatoes and mushrooms ! I used the stove. That in itself, is an accomplishment 😉 Usually my microwave does all the work 😉

Here’s the meal in the pan:


Now I’m on the fence about giving this camelbak another try, or switching to another type of water-holding-contraption. Any thoughts from the runners out there ?