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Wednesday Whole Living

I woke up by myself at 6am this morning (score !), and had enough time before leaving for work to make myself some oats with cocoa powder and ground chia seed. Need to remember to add some fake sugar, the cocoa powder could have used some 😉 I still enjoyed the oats, and an article from ‘Jogging’ magazine (French edition 😉 )

After this great start to the day, I was energized and productive at work, which felt great.

After work, I decided living out of my freezer was not a long term solution, and went to Whole Foods to diversify my meals:


To be fair, a bought a good number of frozen items, and also froze some beef, and tuna steak. But I’d still count this trip as a healthy win. (Avoided the crepes, avoided the brioche, didn’t buy more peanut butter, didn’t buy more baking supplies 😉 ) Note the ‘petite’ brussel sprouts. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to those, but they were ‘petite’ so I decided to give them a shot.

Speaking of baking, I’m actually looking forward to making some dog-treats for Echo ! I have German Shepherd shaped cookie cutters, which I am dying to use. I get to bake and use cookie cutters, she gets treats. Should be a win-win.

My run this evening was good. It was ‘only’ 28F, which still felt pretty cold at the start, but got better quickly, as I went through the 2 miles went on today’s agenda.

 2 miles in 18 minutes !

Tomorrow’s back to 3 miles before the rest day, and Saturday’s 6 miler !

I’m already researching waist-attaching leash systems to run with Echo. If there are any runners-with-dogs out there, let me know what you’re using !


Happy Hump Day !

Happy Hump Day !

I still remember being extremely flabbergasted when I first heard the expression.. In any case, it’s Wednesday ! Day 3 of Week 1 of 10 weeks of training.

After a healthy and nourishing dinner consisting of spinach (frozen, from 365), and a brown rice bbq luna burger, I went for it. The spinach was surprisingly good.. the burger a little dry but tasty.

food spinach dinner luna burger brown rice

I ran 3 miles as planned, in 32’35”. While running, I met two very fluffy strays, and almost bumped into a coypu, cousin to the beaver.

half-marathon training run running 3 miles half marathon

I am still learning ways to edit and improve this blog, and I hope by the time this half-marathon is completed by yours truly, I’ll know some HTML basics. Hurray.

Until very recently, I used only my I-phone to take pictures, but a co-worker generously gave me his old Nikon d80, so DSLR here I come !

Workout #2 !

Workout #2 complete !

I’m still far from my glorious goal to wake up at 5am and get in a wonderfully zen 5 mile run before breakfast. But I got up earlier. And I ran my 3 miler according to plan.

I did get up early enough to have my own home ‘made’ breakfast consisting of greek yogurt, strawberries and almonds. I even packed my lunch For the past couple of weeks I have been scrambling to get to work on time, snatching up a ‘perfect oatmeal’ from Starbucks, yes to nuts, no to sugar and dried fruit. Delicious, but expensive, and not so zen eating quickly before getting down to business in the office.

Getting back from work I had some pita chips and hummus (lemon flavored), with broccoli and tomatoes. I hit the road at 7pm. The workout plan called for a 3mile walk/run, and I did not walk. The weather was brisk, so I tried out my gloves, which I bought for dog-walking, and turned out great.

Workout summary: 3 miles in 34’29”. Clearly there’s room for improvement, but that’s what the 10 weeks are for !

I’ve been tracking workouts with my i-pod at the moment. For Christmas I received a Garmin Fenix GPS watch from my Dad, and I plan on using this in the future to track and plot runs. Stay tuned for upcoming maps !


Second workout, check.

Second workout, check.