Getting back up

On Saturday I completed my 4 mile run, and thought nothing of the slight pain I was experiencing on the outer edge of my right foot. On Sunday, I ran 2 miles on that sore foot. And Monday… Monday I was limping around the office. It seems I must have strained/pulled something on Saturday, and made it worse Sunday.

This is extremely frustrating so early on into my training plan, but I think the best thing to do is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). This week was a series of 2 milers. Yesterday I skipped my cross-training, the elliptical or bike being just as painful as running. Today, no significant improvement yet, so I am also foregoing any running. I hope to be back on track this weekend, and be able to catch up on the training plan.

Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up.

I was bummed yesterday about this setback, but I’m back to blogging, and I hope to be back to training soon. I will be looking into getting new running shoes, maybe with a better fit after an assessment, to avoid further injuries.

Does anyone have recommendations on where to get fitted for running shoes ?


Satisfying Saturday !


Buying jars of chocolate-flavored spreads just got a tad more dangerous : I started out the day with my first fo’ real OATS IN A JAR ! They did not disappoint 🙂


I then set out on my 4 mile run, which took me to the nearby dog park and back. I used both i-pod and Garmin Fenix to track the run, and I clearly have some calibration issues with at least one of the devices. I stuck to the longest time/distance to run. According to Apple, I ran 4 miles in 44′ 58″. According to Garmin, I ran 4.64 miles in the same time. Quoi ?


I came back to catch up on work, and mid-way through took a break to re-organize my freezer. In the process, I re-discovered this guy:


which turned out to be rather tasty, and most of all easy to make ! (Microwave forever).

Without so much ‘TV’ watching in the evenings, I’m expecting my wake-ups to be easier and earlier. Let’s see if that holds true tomorrow !

Carpe Diem


Today was a rest day training wise. I went to work, I went to the movie theater. I went home.

My first instinct, after spending my day in front of a computer, and right after watching a movie, was to sit in front of my laptop and zone out to some episode of a 2-seasons-only series on hulu.

It’s been too easy to sit back and immerse myself in the lives of fictitious characters. Adventures, mysteries, tragedies, anything but dull. With 8 or more hours of work, 8 or less hours of sleep, 1 hour of exercise, 1 hour in the bathtub (what can I say, I like my soaking tub), and what adds up to almost 4 hours of ‘TV’ a day, there’s really not much Carpe Diem in my life.

I keep saying I want more out of my life, that I don’t want to wake up in 10 years and realize I’ve done nothing but work and sleep. Well, I don’t want to wake up and realize I’ve done nothing but work, sleep, and waste my free time. Huluplus membership cancelled, check.

Here is my list of resolutions to help me cut back on wasted time.

1. No watching tv shows during the week.

2. Outside of work, limit myself to 1 hour of computer time a day. This should be enough to blog and answer e-mails.

3. Do more with my evenings.

Saint Exupery, who wrote Le Petit Prince, said “Faites que le rêve dévore votre vie afin que la vie ne dévore pas votre rêve”. Loosely translated: “Let your dream devour your life, so your life doesn’t devour your dream’. Game on.

Dark Chocolate Dreams

Today marks Day #4 of the workout plan. 2 miles completed in 21’20”, getting ready for Saturday’s 4 miler.

Fail on actually cooking dinner. I ended up going to Whole Foods after work, picking out some grapes, greek yogurt, and Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter, all of which I had for ‘dinner’. I don’t even like peanut butter all that much. This is actually the second time I am buying a peanut butter product…. because it has chocolate in it, and end up disappointed that it doesn’t taste like Nutella. I ❤ Nutella. Emphasis added. I suspect I subconsciously hope that by buying peanut butter tasting chocolate, I will never end up eating the whole jar in one sitting, something I have done with Nutella before.

Self-control has always been a problem for me. These last few months, I have tried the don’t buy – don’t eat strategy, and it’s worked reasonably well. I also generally don’t store baking basics such as flour, butter, or sugar. I confess to making late night ‘pancakes’ in graduate school, just for the sake of eating something. Chocolate cravings are especially difficult to resist. Whenever I move somewhere, I always seem to find the perfect local bakery/supermarket that sells deliciously irresistible cookies/brownies/you-name-it, and find myself going there frequently to unwind after work. In college, one of the cafeterias had giant gooey chocolate cookies. In graduate school, a corner bakery had scrumptious brownies, and now Whole Foods sells chocolate filled crepes. So hard to ignore right in front of the check-out line.

Practice makes perfect. Going to practice keeping those cravings in check !

Meet Echo !

My new best friend, Echo.

Just before Thanksgiving 2012, driving back from CT to VA, my boyfriend planned a ‘surprise’ stop, which I thought would be a place to get lunch. Major brownie points to the boyfriend for digging up a place to eat and setting up what was clearly going to be a lunch date…

After much driving through an area with very few restaurants, the surprise stop turned out to be a kennel. We had talked about getting a dog, in due time…

At the same time we were there, a gentleman brought in his GSD puppies for shots.

Try being in a tiny room full of adorably clumsy german shepherd puppies crawling all over you, and resisting the urge to take one home with you. Game over.

We brought Echo home and stepped into the deep end of the dog-ownership pool 🙂

After some obedience training, I am looking forward to taking her on some great runs, and sharing some great times with my best girl.

She has yet to grow into those humongous ears !!

Happy Hump Day !

Happy Hump Day !

I still remember being extremely flabbergasted when I first heard the expression.. In any case, it’s Wednesday ! Day 3 of Week 1 of 10 weeks of training.

After a healthy and nourishing dinner consisting of spinach (frozen, from 365), and a brown rice bbq luna burger, I went for it. The spinach was surprisingly good.. the burger a little dry but tasty.

food spinach dinner luna burger brown rice

I ran 3 miles as planned, in 32’35”. While running, I met two very fluffy strays, and almost bumped into a coypu, cousin to the beaver.

half-marathon training run running 3 miles half marathon

I am still learning ways to edit and improve this blog, and I hope by the time this half-marathon is completed by yours truly, I’ll know some HTML basics. Hurray.

Until very recently, I used only my I-phone to take pictures, but a co-worker generously gave me his old Nikon d80, so DSLR here I come !

Workout #2 !

Workout #2 complete !

I’m still far from my glorious goal to wake up at 5am and get in a wonderfully zen 5 mile run before breakfast. But I got up earlier. And I ran my 3 miler according to plan.

I did get up early enough to have my own home ‘made’ breakfast consisting of greek yogurt, strawberries and almonds. I even packed my lunch For the past couple of weeks I have been scrambling to get to work on time, snatching up a ‘perfect oatmeal’ from Starbucks, yes to nuts, no to sugar and dried fruit. Delicious, but expensive, and not so zen eating quickly before getting down to business in the office.

Getting back from work I had some pita chips and hummus (lemon flavored), with broccoli and tomatoes. I hit the road at 7pm. The workout plan called for a 3mile walk/run, and I did not walk. The weather was brisk, so I tried out my gloves, which I bought for dog-walking, and turned out great.

Workout summary: 3 miles in 34’29”. Clearly there’s room for improvement, but that’s what the 10 weeks are for !

I’ve been tracking workouts with my i-pod at the moment. For Christmas I received a Garmin Fenix GPS watch from my Dad, and I plan on using this in the future to track and plot runs. Stay tuned for upcoming maps !


Second workout, check.

Second workout, check.