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Wednesday Whole Living

I woke up by myself at 6am this morning (score !), and had enough time before leaving for work to make myself some oats with cocoa powder and ground chia seed. Need to remember to add some fake sugar, the cocoa powder could have used some 😉 I still enjoyed the oats, and an article from ‘Jogging’ magazine (French edition 😉 )

After this great start to the day, I was energized and productive at work, which felt great.

After work, I decided living out of my freezer was not a long term solution, and went to Whole Foods to diversify my meals:


To be fair, a bought a good number of frozen items, and also froze some beef, and tuna steak. But I’d still count this trip as a healthy win. (Avoided the crepes, avoided the brioche, didn’t buy more peanut butter, didn’t buy more baking supplies 😉 ) Note the ‘petite’ brussel sprouts. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to those, but they were ‘petite’ so I decided to give them a shot.

Speaking of baking, I’m actually looking forward to making some dog-treats for Echo ! I have German Shepherd shaped cookie cutters, which I am dying to use. I get to bake and use cookie cutters, she gets treats. Should be a win-win.

My run this evening was good. It was ‘only’ 28F, which still felt pretty cold at the start, but got better quickly, as I went through the 2 miles went on today’s agenda.

 2 miles in 18 minutes !

Tomorrow’s back to 3 miles before the rest day, and Saturday’s 6 miler !

I’m already researching waist-attaching leash systems to run with Echo. If there are any runners-with-dogs out there, let me know what you’re using !


Tuesday back !

I’m back !

I left for CT on Saturday after my 6 mile run and got there around 6 pm. Probably sped a little en route… but no tickets yet 😉

Sunday was very lazy with Panera for breakfast (healthy oatmeal, and a not so healthy chocolate chip ‘muffie top’, but they’re so good I can never resist them…) and two movies in a row, Django unchained and Zero Dark Thirty. After all that exercising Le Boyfriend and I had dinner at a nice steak house, where everything was delicious… By the end of dinner, there was no way I could go on my run. Training plan fail.

Monday, Le Boyfriend got his wisdom teeth out in the morning… Loopiness and nonsense ensued post-anesthesia and a difficult operation. He was a trooper.

I got my Monday ‘cross-training’ from training with Echo, who is making good progress, but not quite where she should be at in obedience training. Here’s a picture of the trainer/her/me at training, kindly taken by Le wisdom-teeth-less Boyfriend:


This quote from Saint Exupery (Le Petit Prince) is stuck in my mind in relation to Echo: “Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé” (You become responsible forever for what you have tamed)

She is truly growing a lot. Her face is starting to match her ears, and her whole body has thickened. She’s going to be a big dog, and has mounds of energy ! Two more weeks until the end of the training course !

This morning I drove back down to VA and, after unpacking and thawing for a bit, went back out for a run ! It was freezing cold (low 20’s), and I layered for my legs (2 layers), torso (3 layers), and head (2 layers). My i-pod died 2 minutes in, and unrelated or not, this was my fastest 3 mile yet: 28 minutes ! My first 3 miler two weeks ago was about 34 minutes so it was definitely encouraging to see some progress. I also used my Garmin Fenix’s alarm feature (vibrate + tone) to inform me of the half-way point, which was extremely convenient, instead of repeatedly checking distance. After the first mile I was feeling nice and toasty, and the wind even felt nice.  A few other stoic souls were out running.

Today was encouraging, and I’m going to focus on giving the training plan my best this week to really build up that base !

Dark Chocolate Dreams

Today marks Day #4 of the workout plan. 2 miles completed in 21’20”, getting ready for Saturday’s 4 miler.

Fail on actually cooking dinner. I ended up going to Whole Foods after work, picking out some grapes, greek yogurt, and Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter, all of which I had for ‘dinner’. I don’t even like peanut butter all that much. This is actually the second time I am buying a peanut butter product…. because it has chocolate in it, and end up disappointed that it doesn’t taste like Nutella. I ❤ Nutella. Emphasis added. I suspect I subconsciously hope that by buying peanut butter tasting chocolate, I will never end up eating the whole jar in one sitting, something I have done with Nutella before.

Self-control has always been a problem for me. These last few months, I have tried the don’t buy – don’t eat strategy, and it’s worked reasonably well. I also generally don’t store baking basics such as flour, butter, or sugar. I confess to making late night ‘pancakes’ in graduate school, just for the sake of eating something. Chocolate cravings are especially difficult to resist. Whenever I move somewhere, I always seem to find the perfect local bakery/supermarket that sells deliciously irresistible cookies/brownies/you-name-it, and find myself going there frequently to unwind after work. In college, one of the cafeterias had giant gooey chocolate cookies. In graduate school, a corner bakery had scrumptious brownies, and now Whole Foods sells chocolate filled crepes. So hard to ignore right in front of the check-out line.

Practice makes perfect. Going to practice keeping those cravings in check !