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5 mile run complete !

Saturdays are long runs in my training schedule. This morning I woke up at 7am, without my alarm, which was a nice surprise.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, crisp (40’s) and sunny.

Here is how my run went:


Overall, I felt pretty good. I had layered up and the temperature was ideal, a nice breeze was blowing, and a good number of people were out with dogs ! Shamefully, somewhere around half, I had to stop by restrooms in a dog park and take care of business. Lesson learned: do no eat peanut butter 20 minutes before going on a long run.

Coming back, I decided to try out a green smoothie to use up some leftover spinach in my fridge. I mixed in some milk, frozen strawberries and bananas (thanks Dole) and a fair amount of spinach leaves. If anything, here was another occasion to rekindle my love for my blender (all hail Blendtec), which I had almost forgotten about after the summer ended. Here is how things looked like before:


And after:


Nice and green, but tasting more like strawberries and bananas than spinach at all (Phew…). I had seen several other bloggers reference green smoothies, but was still a little doubtful about how spinach’y they would taste.. I would make it again. Tasty and refreshing !

Have a great weekend !


Carpe Diem


Today was a rest day training wise. I went to work, I went to the movie theater. I went home.

My first instinct, after spending my day in front of a computer, and right after watching a movie, was to sit in front of my laptop and zone out to some episode of a 2-seasons-only series on hulu.

It’s been too easy to sit back and immerse myself in the lives of fictitious characters. Adventures, mysteries, tragedies, anything but dull. With 8 or more hours of work, 8 or less hours of sleep, 1 hour of exercise, 1 hour in the bathtub (what can I say, I like my soaking tub), and what adds up to almost 4 hours of ‘TV’ a day, there’s really not much Carpe Diem in my life.

I keep saying I want more out of my life, that I don’t want to wake up in 10 years and realize I’ve done nothing but work and sleep. Well, I don’t want to wake up and realize I’ve done nothing but work, sleep, and waste my free time. Huluplus membership cancelled, check.

Here is my list of resolutions to help me cut back on wasted time.

1. No watching tv shows during the week.

2. Outside of work, limit myself to 1 hour of computer time a day. This should be enough to blog and answer e-mails.

3. Do more with my evenings.

Saint Exupery, who wrote Le Petit Prince, said “Faites que le rêve dévore votre vie afin que la vie ne dévore pas votre rêve”. Loosely translated: “Let your dream devour your life, so your life doesn’t devour your dream’. Game on.