Thumpin’ Thursday !

After 3 days of missing out, I went back to running, and it felt FANTASTIC.

A ‘snowstorm’ was supposed to hit the south of DC around noon, but I have yet to see a snow flake. Straight after work, I set out to buy a new pair of running shoes that were properly fitted, taking advice from someone who knew what they were doing.

The person who helped me out runs… 50K’s. That’s right, 50 kilometers. Man, I felt even more like a newbie in comparison. He analyzed my walk and run, and told me I tended to overpronate, which is common. He recommended shoes with a lot of support. After trying a few out in that category, I chose these guys:ImageMizunos Wave Inspire 9. And yes, they’re that blue. There’s a standing joke that I will favor anything blue, making color a deciding factor. My rainjacket is blue, my fleece at home is blue, my car is blue, you name it. For the record, I would like to state that I did not pick these shoes based on color… They were the pair I felt most comfortable in, and the store only had them in one color scheme.

I also found out that I have been wearing running shoes that are way too tight. These turned out to be a 10.5. I usually wear a 9 for regular shoes, and did not see this coming. Let’s agree I have big feet.

Here is how my run went with those brand new shoes:

ImageNot bad ! It really did feel good to be back out running, and the shoes were very comfortable. Definitely more support than my old shoes. My right foot still felt sore, and I’m going to keep RICE’ing it as much as possible.

And finally, I came home to my wonderful ‘Venti’ green tea:


I used to absolutely hate tea. Then I started hydrating, a LOT, and realized I’d rather drink something with a taste, than just water. Now, I can hardly go a day without missing it ! Plus, that much green tea a day should help with metabolism. Or so they say…

I’m pumped to be back on schedule ! Tomorrow is a rest day, and Saturday is a 5 miler.

Bring it !


3 thoughts on “Thumpin’ Thursday !

  1. Brittany

    When I bought my first pair of running shoes from an actual running store, the lady fitting me/watching me walk and run was an Ironman athlete. Talk about feeling like a newbie!! I love your new shoes, it’s about time I get some new ones too!

  2. frenchform Post author

    Ironman, wow ! It definitely puts a seal of approval when someone like that recommends shoes 😉 I almost can’t wait to run enough miles so I can justify getting a new pair of flashy sneakers 😉 Let me know what you end up getting !


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