Happy Hump Day !

Happy Hump Day !

I still remember being extremely flabbergasted when I first heard the expression.. In any case, it’s Wednesday ! Day 3 of Week 1 of 10 weeks of training.

After a healthy and nourishing dinner consisting of spinach (frozen, from 365), and a brown rice bbq luna burger, I went for it. The spinach was surprisingly good.. the burger a little dry but tasty.

food spinach dinner luna burger brown rice

I ran 3 miles as planned, in 32’35”. While running, I met two very fluffy strays, and almost bumped into a coypu, cousin to the beaver.

half-marathon training run running 3 miles half marathon

I am still learning ways to edit and improve this blog, and I hope by the time this half-marathon is completed by yours truly, I’ll know some HTML basics. Hurray.

Until very recently, I used only my I-phone to take pictures, but a co-worker generously gave me his old Nikon d80, so DSLR here I come !


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